What is ThePatientChoice.com?

What is ThePatientChoice.com?

ThePatientChoice.com provides information directly to the patient, which allows the patient to make an informed decision for their healthcare needs upon leaving the hospital or healthcare setting. We provide the hospital with iPads, which the patient and/or family can access ThePatientChoice.com at beside. While on ThePatientChoice.com, the home page lists patient-centered education. Each article will give you patient-centered information at your fingertips. This information allows you to make informed choices, and all information gathered is unbiased in nature. ThePatientChoice.com is a live website and allows for updates continuously. There is no endpoint to the amount of information that can be added to ThePatientChoice.com. This information will help you make informed decisions. We at ThePatientChoice.com are patient-centered and are striving to empower you, the patient, about choices that you have.

ThePatientChoice.com has also developed a live patient rating system and this will be shown on the pages of participating health providers pages. The rating system on ThePatientChoice.com is for patient satisfaction purposes of patients that are receiving care and reflects their opinions of the questions asked at the interview. This star rating system is based on interviews from patients at participating health providers during the time that the care is being provided. This information is gathered directly from patients and then this is added directly to the providers pages. ThePatientchoice.com updates these ratings on a weekly basis thus providing a live rating that is gathered directly from the patient. This rating is for satisfaction purposes and allows for experiences of the participating providers patients to be shown live. Not all health care providers will participate in ThePatientChoice.com patient rating system nor does it reflect any outcomes that are provided, it only means that they are not part of this patient centered rating system. Their ratings will be directed from medicare.gov and the link to Medicare.gov will be on each page (when applicable) to allow for this rating to be viewed. The Medicare rating system is not live and is updated yearly after the healthcare provider has been evaluated by the state agency Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). The rating on ThePatientChoice.com was developed to allow YOU the patient to make informed decisions based on gathered information because YOU are in charge of your own healthcare. Remember its always the patient who has the choice of the care they receive.

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