Legislative Alert ALF Bill Passes Florida Legislature

Legislative Alert ALF Bill Passes Florida Legislature

Legislative Alert,
ALF Bill Passes Florida Legislature

ALF Legislation Passes the Florida Legislature

After four years of advocating on behalf of FALA and its members for policy changes in ALF regulations that focus on resident care, we are excited to advise you that CS/CS/HB 1001 by Rep. Larry Ahern passed the Florida Legislature this afternoon.

Upon action by the Governor, this legislation will take effect July 1, 2015.

One of the most significant changes included in the bill is a policy change that FALA has advocated for as its top priority for the past several years relating to assistance with self-administration of medication in a standard-licensed ALF by trained unlicensed staff. Once enacted, this legislation will:
Clarify that bringing medication from where it is stored includes insulin syringes that are prefilled with the proper dosage by a pharmacist and insulin pens that are prefilled by the manufacturer, and
Provide that assistance with self-administration of medication includes assisting a resident in using a nebulizer, including removing the cap of the nebulizer, opening the unit dose of nebulizer solution, and pouring the prescribed premeasured dose of medication into the dispensing cup of the nebulizer.
Add to the list of activities that a trained unlicensed staff person can assist a resident with to include using a glucometer to perform blood glucose checks, and assisting with the putting on and taking off of anti-embolism stockings, applying and removing an oxygen cannula, using a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP), measuring of vital signs, and using colostomy bags.
Provisions included in the Senate bill when first filed that caused signification concerns for FALA members relating to requirements for the Community Living Support Plan for residents in Limited Mental Health ALFs to be provided to the administrator upon admission, revamping of the fine system (resulting in increased fines, imposition of fines based on size of the facility, doubling of fines, and imposing fines regardless of correction), implementation of a rating system (similar to the nursing home rating system) and requiring AHCA to create a monitored comment page on its website allowing members of the public to post comments on their experiences with or observations of an ALF, ARE NOT in the bill that passed.

Other highlights of the legislation passed:
Allow a nurse in a LNS licensed ALF to practice additional nursing services allowable under the practice act.
Require AHCA to pay for the expense of copying facility records during a regulatory inspection.
Set the background screening fine at $500.
Increase the amount of a resident’s funds that can be held in safekeeping from $200 to $500.
Require AHCA to adopt rules for uniform standards and criteria that will be used to determine compliance with facility standards and compliance with residents’ rights.
Additional information on the provisions of this bill and other legislation of interest to our members that passes the Legislature will be included in our 2015 Legislative Session Final Report.

Once the legislation is signed by Governor, FALA will provide training on the new legislation. Make sure you check the website under Education and stay tuned for more information on the training opportunities in English and Spanish.

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